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Lorijo Manley: Guestbook

Michele H.

September 6, 2017

Heard you last night. Amazing!!!


December 29, 2016

Love love love your music!! Keep it up. Looking forward to your next CD!!

Jonathan Porter

August 25, 2015

I'm looking forward to your State Fair gig!Really enjoying your CD's. Keep on sending out your good vibes! Amazing.

Diane M. Brunetta

October 5, 2014

HI Lorijoy!

It was so nice meeting you when I was up in May. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with you and spending time with both you and Kaolin. The night before I left, was a dream, something I would have done with old friends. Dinner, Ice Cream, guitar playing, laughing....ended all to soon, with a new friend and dear old friend. I'll treasure that memory. Sorry it's taking me this long to visit here. Crazy times....I love your work, beautiful writing, beautiful biography, very inspiring. I hope you are blessed with a long and deeply satisfying life of music making~dianers6t2y

Karen Malone

December 28, 2013

Took some time to listen to you music on myspace. Made me miss you and the summers insanity. Awesome!


October 19, 2013

Thank you for sharing yourself thru your music at Napis. I only caught a portion,I suppose the part that was for me, and it moved me.

Keep doing you, you do it supremely. What a journey.

All the best,

Dian Hamilton

October 16, 2013

Looking forward to you singing and playing tonight at the Writer's Voice Café.

Lorraine Watson

June 20, 2013

Hi Lorijo, Coming to PT June 22. Looking forward greatly to seeing you, in loving spirit, Raine

Sharon Rodina

March 24, 2013

Nothing is better than listening to you jam on the streets of P-Town. Surrounded by a family of fans jamming to the sweet sounds of you and your guitar. You rock! my soulful sista!

Love from Kansas City,

Charles Templeton

January 9, 2013

Just a thank you. We love both CD's. You convinced us to buy both even though we were skeptical that "Airplane" wouldn't deliver what we experienced of you as a solo performer. Well, you were right. Your energy and essence come through on both CD's and augment the memories of seeing you live, which is still our favorite way to experience you! No matter what, please continue to put yourself out there! Thanks, again.

The 3 Montrealers from last night!!!

October 2, 2012

Big up Lorijo!!! Last night sitting in the park was that much cooler because we were listening to your stunning guitar and voice!!!

What time is show time tonight?


El, J and Suzie

Sheri & Mary-Ann Pascucci

August 20, 2012

We were lucky enough to stroll down Commercial Street in Ptown and catch your wonderful show that night. Damn Gurl - you made our night! Wonderful, wonderful!!


August 10, 2012

Hi Lorijo,

You were fantastic last night in P-Town. Like I said, you play a really sweet guitar! Wish I could have stayed and listened longer.

Looked over your website. Hope your grandmother got to celebrate her 101st birthday and wish her many more. I'd bet that the transit cop who ticketed you in NYC loved your music, too.

I'm putting myself on you email list and I'll watch your calendar for your visits to the Big Apple.

Peace, success and happiness to you!


Lorijo Manley

February 28, 2012

Hey Joe ~ I just might pop up in NYC before summer.... You can get on my e-mailing list through this website to receive performance announcements, and other news. Thanks for asking and see you in P-Town this season!!! Peace, Lorijo

Joe Papaleo

February 9, 2012

Hey Lorijo! Hope your winter goes well and stays warm. Are you coming to New York this winter or Spring? How would I know? Be well. Hope to see you in June in P-town. Peace and Love joe P

Dennis Williams

November 20, 2011

Hey listened to a few tune and watched a few Youtube vids. good stuff maybe we can collaborate. Like i said when we met I play the bass and i thump a good blues bass. Get at me. 1-Luv, Dee.


July 26, 2011

A timeless love you are Lorijo .... blessed be!


June 25, 2011

Hi Lorijo!
My husband and I just got back from P-Town. We were so glad to be there for Ellie's tribute and then we were fortunate to hear you sing. You are truly amazing! Thank you!

Alex Williams

April 6, 2011

We're gonna miss you when you're gone! Lorijo, I don't think I've encountered another quite like you!! What is your secret? And can you tell it? Don't ever stop, blessed one.

Jen K.

March 27, 2011

You Rock! We look forward to seeing you perform again in PTown. You were the best part of our vacation! Thank you for all of your updates throughout the winter, we wish we could have traveled to New York to hear you - but too many blizzards. See you in PTown? All the best.

Stanley T.

December 5, 2010

Hey, Lorijo! You've saved us from that awful evil Elvis impersonator in PTown for years on end - Will you KINDLY do us that favor again in Key West this winter? Rumor has it you're coming this way!!! Please say it's so! We need you!!!!! All wet hugs and kisses you hot guitar slinging babe, YOU! LOVE, and love, love ~ Me & The Boys

LouAnn Spatola

December 2, 2010

love it....!!!!

Jane Goodman

November 23, 2010

I saw you in The Really Big Show in Provincetown and you brought down the house!! Love your CD's, also. Let us know next time you're playing in Los Angeles. Thanks!

Charles Richter

November 23, 2010

What the hell are you doin' on Commercial Street in Provincetown?? I bought both of your CD's and can't believe that you're not a household name! My wife says it makes sense. I don't get either of you!! LOL We LOVE your music, both LIve and on CD, and look forward to more inwhatever venue. You go, girl!

Annalisa Capaccio

October 2, 2010

Hey there lorijo!!! I see you've been very busy and im jealous of your travels!!! I hope your enjoying your life as the fantastic musician that you are! If you ever need anything ... just let me know!!! Take care :D


August 14, 2010

I congratulate, you were visited with an excellent idea

Jim Morehand

June 14, 2010

I woke up from a dream this morning in which the name, "Harry Yanthis" was spoken. What it meant, I don't know, but Harry, Marie and Carol were no strangers to my family who are also from Rome, NY. Some of my family are still there. As a child, I'd been in the Chatham St.(?) house. The dream caused me to google Harry's name as see what I'd come up with. I was led to the article about your Grandmother's hot air balloon ride. WONDERFUL! I remember that they always made you feel like "family". I'm happy that what they nurtured in you was the freedom to express your art. It is no surprise to me. All the very best to you, Lorijo!


June 13, 2010

I saw you playing at night on Commercial St. in P-town in May, you were amazing! I would love to go to your show sometime. Seeing you there in the darkness of the evening, playing and singing the melody of your soul, was truly the highlight of May for me. Thank you!

Maya Evans

January 25, 2010

Nice to see you're still making music. It's a long time since the Heartland Cafe/The No Exit. Keep on goin'! =)


October 19, 2009

Really enjoyed listening to your beautiful voice and haunting chords warm the chilly night on Commercial Street in Provincetown. Thought to myself, "She wants it bad enough to do it in the cold rain. She'll do it." And you will. Are you gonna record that version of that Stones song you were playing? (Never did learn the name of that song, but you do it up right!)

Darwin Lee Carrington

September 26, 2009

Back in the day (Northwestern University)I met an enchanting young guitarist named LoriJO Manley. She impacted me so much that after meeting her, I was never the same person. Lord in heaven, could this be the same LoriJO? I remember Orion being her favorite constellation of staRS. HaS destiny crossed our paths once again?

Bill Ovca

July 14, 2009

Remembering the good old days when you were playing weekly gigs at the restaurant on the north side of Chicago. Never got to record the magic but still remember "whatca doing"
Yea, what!
Hope all is well.

Táta Vega

April 18, 2009

I was the lady in the purple dress standing there with my little dog enjoying you so very much at Venice Beach.Your guitar Playing is awesome.Girl,You are somethin'else. Got a Beautiful Spirit. Keep doin' it....You're goin' places!
All my Love,

Vivianne Robinson

March 22, 2009

Enjoy hearing you Play Guitar and Sing at Venice Beach California March 2009


March 9, 2009

Wow Lori...I knew you would do well after utterly enjoying your 10th grade musical!!! Been a long time!


February 4, 2009



January 11, 2009

Hearing you and meeting you at Colombo's was a pleasant surprise! We will make sure we have dinner there the next time you're performing there!

Thomas Long

January 6, 2009

Wow, saw you at Arnie's! You lit up a cold night! Thank you for sharing your gift, Lorijo!!!


January 6, 2009

We are still thrilling to your show at Spud's! Someone said you might be coming back to Berkeley. Please let us know! All the best, Jason & crew

Kamran Behzadian

November 16, 2008

You are a total babe in person and have the voice of a goddess. :)
Keep playing and lots of loves!

billy t.

November 14, 2008

I remember seeing you at No Exit in Chicago years ago - so to see you at the Heartland last weekend was incredible! You were great back then, and even greater now!! Thanks, Lorijo. ps - enjoying both CD's!


October 21, 2008


J. T.

October 6, 2008



September 25, 2008

What energy! You style is just amazing, Lorijo!! Keep going. I'm going to be able to say "I saw her when..."

James Barone

September 11, 2008

Lovely music, lovely lady! And if you aren't married, give me a ring.


September 7, 2008

Really enjoyed your set at Town Hall the other night. You're very talented *and* cute!


August 30, 2008

Lorijo! Was so glad to catch your morning show at the Clinton Fest! Good luck in your travels.

Mary Drake

August 26, 2008

Your performance at the Fair was incredibly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your gift!

Jeff Lewis

August 3, 2008

Hey, Lorijo! Caught your jam out at Sugar Pearl's last Thursday. Great job!

Sarah T.

July 17, 2008

We heard you're never in town - so glad to have finally seen you play tonight!

Jerry Hall

July 17, 2008

Heard you at Colombo's in L.A.! - what are you doing in New York??? We need you out here!! You're beautiful and your playing is so soulful and funky both!!

Kenneth Henderson

June 29, 2008

Hey Lorijo, we heard your show last night. Thank you so much for your wonderful music!
God Bless You,
Ken & Judy


June 23, 2008

Your performance at Sugar Pearl's made my weekend!! Thank you.

Ari L.

June 19, 2008

Love your music! Especially Airplane. Thanks.

Christopher Wagner

June 12, 2008

Hey girl! Just checkin' in, I figured you were still out there somewhere. The trip is just as long and strange as it ever was. Keep on keepin' on...

Pat Hannon

May 17, 2008

Damn! You make Duval Street sizzle!! (And it's already hot out there, Mama) Enjoying the ride of 'Airplane'!! Come play for us in Colorado, where it's cool! Thanks for making our vacation complete!! Love, Pat & family.

Pirate Tom

May 6, 2008

Me had to tell ye that when ye sang Redemption Song to me thee other day on Front Street, ye broke me heart. Pirates don't cry, matey. God bless ye!


April 28, 2008

Like the new format.....good design.....Love and lots of kisses, and keep up the "goot" work

Terry Shaw

April 26, 2008

You always had it. Glad to see you still got it. Your old friend from Chicago! Love you still. You go girl!!

Chas Robertson

April 17, 2008

Bought your CD Airplane. Thanks for the great tunes!


April 4, 2008

I like your new webdesign - fresh, clean, and striking - like your music. Keep on rockin!

Jerry Vincent

March 10, 2008

Had the best time watching you play at Blue Heaven!!! Wish I could play like that.

Carrie McArthur

February 28, 2008

You rock! Enjoyed your set at Blue Heaven. Take care, Carrie.

jonathan c.

January 23, 2008

Heard you in Key West, great work!

your Chicago "Mom", Liz

December 16, 2007

Merry Christmas, Lorijo! And keep on rocking in the New Year!!

Steven Dunn

December 1, 2007

Love your music!

shauna white

November 11, 2007

Lorijo, your music is just something altogether different! Saw you in Provincetown and couldn't believe the energy and expertise you displayed. Oh, and your cover of 'Diamonds and Rust' was spectacular!
Keep it up!


October 30, 2007

you absolutely rock!


August 29, 2007

Love Airplane...can't wait to hear what you have planned for the future!


August 23, 2007

I bought your CD Airplane from you in Provincetown. Just wanted to say that I love your live performance and I'm loving your CD also. It's still in my car player weeks later! Keep up the good work, Lorijo!

Richard Lewis

July 11, 2007

Hi Lorijo,
I loved your web site! I plan to enjoy listening to your new CD, but until I can, I congratulate you and encourage your talented performances everywhere. Please ask Uncle George to E-mail me.
From a home-town friend!


July 4, 2007

You rocked Providence! Hot!

sarah tremblay

June 21, 2007

Hi! Just heard you in Florida and wanted to say hello. We liked your show alot! Keep it up. ~Sarah and Jeff.

Regina Manley

May 19, 2007

Hi I'm at the Whitesboro Library and thought I'd look up my famous sister on the internet. You're the best. Good luck in all your endevors in Florida. Big Love RMM


May 14, 2007

well, hello beautiful girl! saw your name in the nu reunion list and had to say hello! will you be in nyc in june? it would be wonderful to see you!
so great to find this site!
denise from so long ago


May 14, 2007

I caught your show at CBs Gallery several times. You rocked the house! I ordered Airplane and can't wait till your next gig in NYC. Keep on rockin.

Anthony Cissi

April 28, 2007

How's it going? Just bought Airplane and Naked and can't wait to hear them. Still have your Olympics tape. Take care.

Charlie Bradby

April 18, 2007

Amazing! We saw you play at CB's and you blew the room away! Love your new CD!

Ashley Parker

March 21, 2007

your new CD is the bomb! When are you coming to knoxville? I would love to see you play down here. Rock on.

donny O

March 12, 2007

Hey there LJ, heard you play in chi-town years ago. Missed you. Am going to put your music in my ipod. Keep on rockin!

Elena Mayer

March 8, 2007

You rock! Just got AIRPLANE in the - airmail - and wow! Quite a departure from when we'd heard you solo in Chicago, but we love it. The energy of those performances are all here. Fans for life! Come back to Chi-town, please.

Sara Quay

March 2, 2007

Hey Loijo,
I am sooooo gald you recorded Is It Just. that is one of my favorites. I just got my CD from CD baby - they are fun, like you! Hope to see you soon.


February 24, 2007

Hey LJ, your website looks great. Just ordered Airplane - can't wait to hear your new grooves. peace JT

Willa Stuckman

February 16, 2007

Great job Lori, I'm very impressed keep up the good worm

George A. Yanthis

February 11, 2007

Very impressive! I am so proud of my niece. I can say that "I knew her when." Keep up the good work and I know that more great things are ahead. Love, Uncle George


February 8, 2007

AIRPLANE really rocks - I just love the wall of guitars on Mad Max. Emily opium is haunting. Great CD. Can wait to see you in concert again. Rock your gypsy soul!


February 2, 2007

Love your site! When will you be performing again in our area? We love AIRPLANE! You take care, now!

gene hedgespeth

January 19, 2007

Thanks for the email you sent to Phyliss Freee for our students. Enjoyed your music and the thoughts.


Regina Manley

January 17, 2007

Very impressed with this website. You are on the ball and have achieved so much. Your on the up and up and I am so proud of you. And I'm on the internet-through your!! Success for you is here, my sister. Big Love rmm/Regina

grandma yanthis

January 17, 2007

lorijo:you amaze me with your progressive creativity in the musical wish for you is that you may express your talents in music and song for many years to come.i am so so very proud of you lorijo.


January 17, 2007

continue to live your dream....your Family is extremely happy for you and proud of you.continued success to you in all your endeavors..big


January 11, 2007

Looking good! Love watching your ontogeny. Can’t wait to see you rock the house again and create majik.

phyllis free

January 8, 2007

Hey there....looks like you're making progress, huh? Talk to you soon!
--the swamp mama back home again

Lorijo Manley

January 8, 2007

just keep swimming!